Our Commitment to the Enviroment
Commitment to Our World

The environmental investment for Grupo México’s mining operations reported for 2009 amounts to US $44.4 million. The principal environmental projects in Peru are the gas and dust recovery systems at Ilo and the work on the tailings dam at Quebrada Honda. In Mexico, the principal investments were the dust and emissions Plant at La Caridad, the completion of the lime plant at Agua Prieta, and the wastewater treatment plant at San Luis Potosí.

We generate relatively little hazardous waste and all such waste is handled according to current regulations. No contingency was reported in 2009. Also, we were not levied any significant fine regarding the environment for our mining operations. This has been achieved through management based on our environmental policy, aimed at:

Climate Change
Reducing the use of fossil fuels and out greenhouse gas emissions, and also improving our power efficency
Optimizing water use
Responding to potentially negative impacts on wildlife, soils, and underground waters


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